If you are after the Highest Level of Support and Best Performing Package this is it.

Our Sleep Blueprint Signature Package Offers Huge Value for Money and Results that Last

Our Unique Approach Focuses on WHY and all the Underlying Issues Affecting Sleep & Settling. Dream Winks works hard prior to your Call so we can Identify and Form A Plan (Your Blueprint) to Ensure Every Need is Met & Every Issue is Addressed. Due to this Our Results Exceed what you would see with a Traditional In Home Sleep Consultation as we Focus on WHY your little one is Struggling. All at your Convenience at an Affordable Price

Intake Package Which includes Intake Form, Functional History, Images Required and 24 hour log

One on One Blueprint Intake Call where we delve deeper using the Intake information as a base. We will also discuss my Initial Assessments of Physical Aspects as well as other factors that may be affecting sleep. I may recommend a referral to investigate an issue if needed.

Report Of Initial Assessments

My Signature Sleep Blueprint personally customised for you little one. It will go step by step through an action plan to solve the problem. It will cover everything we will work on except settling. For that we want to wait for your child’s underlying issues to be resolved.

Whatsapp access to me as needed while addressing the Initial Assessments and Implementing your Sleep Blueprint. This support is as long as you need. And as frequent as you need based on your individual issues.

One on One Support Calls – 2 x 30 mins as needed

A Blueprint Follow Up Call –This call will take place when we feel the Physical Aspects are well managed and the Blueprint has been implemented. We will make sure all your child’s needs have been met and make any extra tweaks as needed. This call will also outline your options for settling including exactly how each option works and the pros and cons of each. We will come up with a plan together and tweak as needed to suit your family. All settling is your choice and should suit your parenting style & little ones temperament. Some families don’t want to work on settling, some find they don’t need to once the root causes have been addressed and other families want to make changes to how their child is going to sleep. We work with what you would like to do

Continuing Whatsapp Support following the Follow Up Call to help Support and Implement Settling while tweaking and adjusting to suit your individual child. I find daily Support works best here

1 year access to my EXCLUSIVE client’s only Facebook Group where you can not only ask questions, but I will review if needed Daily Logs, Food Diary’s AND I do a Zoom group support session roughly EVERY FORTNIGHT so you will still be able to talk to me and seek help as needed after your One on One Support 

In the // Sleep Insiders Group // you will have Access to every Dream Winks Guide & Every Sleep Strategy. Which is all the Sleep Information you will ever need.

       *Clients have called this Group and resources invaluable