If you are after the Highest Level of Support and Best Performing Package this is it.

Additional Call and Support has been added to account for our changing reality of parenting. Over $100 extra value at no extra cost to you

Our Phone Consultation Offers Huge Value for Money and Results that Last

Our Unique Approach Focuses on WHY and all the Underlying Issues Affecting Sleep & Settling. There is such a Large Amount of Work done Prior to the Phone Consultation & Support Period to Ensure Every Need is Met & Every Issue is Addressed. Due to this Our Results Quickly Exceed what you would see with a Traditional In Home Sleep Consultation. All at your Convenience at an Affordable Price

  • Detailed Intake Form, Functional History & 24 Hour Sleep Log on booking
  • Initial Assessment into Underlying Issues is made once forms are received back
  • Personalised Sleep Plan formed prior to Consultation
  • Phone Consultation to go Step by Step through the Sleep Plan booked at earliest availability
  • Support to Address all Underlying Issues and Implement Plan
  • Age Appropriate Routine – will be fully Tailored as we work together
  • Second Phone Consultation to Assess Improvements and Implementation of Sleep Plan & Discuss Personalised Options for Settling – always your choice
  • 2 Weeks Intensive Support via Email/messenger Following Second Consult to adjust everything based on your little ones needs to see the results you are after
  • On conclusion Future Routines and any extra requested information will be provided


  • Additional Weeks Can be Added