Our Sleep & Feeding Consultant can come to your home and help you prepare for the birth of your little one (or ones!). This can also be conducted via Facetime or Skype

You will receive an assessment of your little ones sleeping environment for both Sleep & Safety including advice on safe products for use with sleep

We will look at environment, safe sleep and settling techniques. You will learn gentle methods to help settle your baby.

We can help you prepare for your new addition and what to expect with a newborn. This will help the transition to parenthood much smoother

We can also pass on lots of tips including ways to minimise colic, wind, overtired-ness and more. Ways to set up good sleep habits from the start and good sleep and feeding patterns.

You will have the ability to pick our Consultants brain for anything you may need!

A perfect gift to give to new parents – A voucher can be organised