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Great Sleep isn’t about Settling. Our Unique Approach Focuses on the Root Causes of Sleep Issues and Offers Long Term Results. Every Sleep Issues has a physical cause. We offer the Highest Level of Personalised Support – guided by your child. Including your choice of settling method (if needed) – no need to cry it out. Our unique approach is different to traditional consultants and sleep schools with a focus on why your little one is struggling so much and it is so successful that –

Our Sleep Blueprint Guarantee’s Your Little One Better Sleep

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Do You Want Your Baby To Be Able To

Be able to go to bed awake

Be happy to go to sleep

Fall asleep by themselves

Sleep longer that one sleep cycle

Not need to be fed or rocked to sleep

Sleep long stretches overnight

Sleep through the night (if age appropriate)

Be able to sleep in their cot

Have an early bedtime

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Do YOU Want To be Able To

Feel confident your little one is getting the rest they need for growth and development

Set up good sleep habits for life

Be able to let someone else put them to bed

Have time to get things done

Get your bed back

Have adult time in the evening

Keep your batteries recharged so you can be there for them

Feel like ‘you’ again

Kiss your little one goodnight and pop them to bed

Take a different but effective approach to standard Sleep Consultants


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Sleep Done Differently

What is the Dream Winks Difference?

Completely Personalised Help for your whole Journey.

A Science-Based Holistic Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant with a Difference

Dream Winks focuses on the physical issues that can affect sleep. Every sleep issue has a root cause and through addressing these we can see great sleep.

We also look at a wide range of factors in order to optimise your little one’s chances for good sleep.

Great Sleep Isn’t about Settling. It isn’t behavioural.

It’s about WHY they are struggling.

Usually you will see improvements from these changes alone.

Only after these changes – if needed – do we tailor a settling method to your little one’s temperament and your parenting style.

We provide Complete Support via Messenging for all your needs to get your little one sleeping well during the whole consultation period

Who Am I to Help Your Baby?

Experience Starts Before Consulting

Through years of fertility issues, countless losses and fertility treatments including failed IVF Catherine longed to have little ones running around.

Catherine is lucky today to be the mother of 3 beautiful children.

From difficult pregnancies and births to premature babies, C-sections and Special Care – Catherine has experienced it all.

The challenges and difficulties of special care were followed by more as the months went on. There were allergies, tongue ties, reflux and feeding issues to name a few.

Sleep consultant Brisbane
Baby sleep routine

A True Understanding Can Only Come From Experience Itself

After her third child, Catherine was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression & Anxiety. A holiday baby with a tongue and lip tie, bad reflux and feeding issues provided the perfect storm. Thankfully after what felt like an eternity, her little one got treatment and her pain eased.

Catherine’s journey back from PND while juggling 3 kids took much longer – just like many mothers.

A Qualified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant
Qualified in Infant, Child and Adolescent Nutrition
Over 10 years experience working as a Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant Catherine has helped thousands of families on their own journeys with sleep, settling and feeding providing baby and toddler sleep help.
Experienced in every area of infant and childhood sleep up to 5 years of age.
A special interest in reflux, tongue tie, allergies, intolerances, deficiencies and multiples.
Through her years of experience, Catherine has developed routines based on sleep patterns but she recognises each child is different. Her routines are adapted for each family during her consultations.
Her research into Dietary Impact of Foods allows her a unique perspective in regards to the relationship between sleep and particular foods and solving sleep and settling issues.
Baby sleep specialist
All of her children catnapped, night woke or early rose at some point but her experience allowed her to work through the issues along the way. She addresses all her clients as she did with her own little ones, providing the same care for them and understanding for the parents. After all, she has been in that place of pure exhaustion and frustration from that perfect little human being.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is What Happy Families Have To Say


Catherine has been a saviour with my youngest. From feeding to sleep and constantly catnapping during the day and waking every two hours at night, Catherine worked closely with us to understand Max’s sleep needs and his awake time. We went from having an unsettled baby to a happy boy who loves his sleep, can settle on his own and sleeps in large stretches overnight. I would highly recommend Catherine to anyone wanting help with their baby and sleep.

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Catherine was amazing in helping us to have the tools at hand to finally have our 9 week old son sleep in his bassinet alone. The support and guidance she provided meant for the first time we were sleeping in our own bed and so was he without holding him or rocking him to sleep. The tools and knowledge Catherine gave us have been invaluable. Thank you Catherine 🙂


Thank you so much for everything! We have a completely different baby she sleeps & eats!! I never thought this day would come! She has slept through since the day you started helping & sleeps in her cot for day sleeps now 😍 you have changed our lives literally & words can not describe how much we will always appreciate your help. 💕

Baby sleep routine

Don’t Just Wait It Out

As a parent, you hear a lot about sleep issues being due to sleep regressions and leaps. You are told these sleep issues just need to be waited out. If you do nothing things will eventually settle down.

Here at Dream Winks, we recognise that your baby or toddler goes through periods of development almost constantly. However, we believe that sleep issues at these times are just highlighted by that development and also that changes in sleep needs occur as part of that development.

It is important to address issues that affect sleep and settling whether it’s at one of these times or not. Taking a wait it out approach with your baby or toddler doesn’t work. In fact, it often just leads to more issues.

If everything that can affect sleep and settling is addressed and we help turn off your little one’s risk reponse which will be triggering then we are able to get your baby or toddler sleeping well again. If they aren’t sleeping well then they are telling us there is more happening – so Dream Winks listens.

We Offer Baby & Toddler Phone, Email & Messaging Consultations Australia Wide

As Well As Group Support


What is in a Dream Winks Consultation

Every Sleep Sleep Blueprint Signature Consultation comes with a detailed Intake Form, Functional History Form, Revision of Images and Sleep Logs which is what allows us to look at absolutely everything that can affect baby & toddler sleep, feeding and settling and begin to form our Sleep Blueprint. You will receive your Initial Assessments promptly.

We will have a Detailed Comprehensive Call to go Step by Step through your Sleep Blueprint and you will also receive a wide range of Guides on various topics relevant to your little one all published by Dream Winks.

Every Consultation comes with as much Support as is needed to Address Underlying Issues & 3 weeks Follow Up Support to Implement Settling if needed. This is all provided via messaging. Messaging allows fast responses and conversations every evening

You Also Receive 1 Years Access To Our Exclusive Clients Only Support Group //Sleep Insiders Group// Where You Can Continue To Get Support & Access To All Dream Winks Guides

Sleep Blueprint Consultation

Phone Consultations are the most effective Consultation due to Our Approach

Available Australia Wide

Intake Form, Functional History, Revision of Images & 24 Hour Sleep Log

Initial Assessments Provided within 24-48 hrs

You will receive a 2 Hour Phone Call to go Step by Step through Your Personalised Sleep Blueprint (roughly 2 hours)

You will have plenty of time for any questions you may have or issues you wish to know more about.

The Support Period Following your Blueprint Call will be as long as needed to address all your little ones Underlying Issues and implement you Blueprint

You will then receive a Blueprint Follow Up Call to check progress and discuss Personalised Settling Options

The Follow Up Support Period will be 2 weeks with Intensive Support, Daily Sleep Logs & Check-ins to completely focus on sleep and settling (if needed)

1 Year Access to Our Exclusive Client Only Support Group //Sleep Insiders// Where you can continue to Access Support & All Dream Winks Files & Guides

What Issues Can Dream Winks Help With?

  • Catnapping
  • Night Waking
  • Early Rising
  • Trouble Settling
  • Short Sleeps
  • Dummy Dependance
  • Feeding to sleep
  • Rocking or Holding to Sleep
  • Establishing Routines
  • Transition to Cot
  • Reflux & Sleep
  • Sleep after Tongue Tie Release
  • Standing or Jumping out of the Cot
  • Transition to Big Bed and Related Issues
  • Night Wandering and Little Visitors
  • Transitioning to One Sleep or No Sleep
  • Transitioning to and from Daylight Savings
  • Sleep and Routines when Travelling
  • Toddler Bedtime Battles
  • Getting on top of Jet Lag
Four month sleep regression


Sleep Blueprint Consultations

Comprehensive Phone & Messaging Consults complete with Initial Recommendations, Sleep Blueprint, Sleep Blueprint 2 hour Call, Underlying Issues Support, Follow up Call (1hr) and 2 Week Intensive support to focus on sleep & settling

PLUS 1 Yr Exclusive Access to Our Client Only Support Group //Sleep Insiders// Where they can continue to receive support & Access All Dream Winks Files & Guides

Our most popular and best value package in one!

Everything you need to get your little one sleeping well

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Email & Messaging Support for Previous Clients

Need Additional help with periods of change with you little one and you have worked with Dream Winks before? You can book a Support package without the calls

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