Dream Winks has an innovative model for sleep that help you to focus on WHY you are seeing poor sleep to resolve the sleep issues rather than focusing on settling

Dream Winks offers 30 mins Strategy Sessions. During these sessions I will help assess if you have a simple sleep issue or a sleep quality issue as well as provide lots of great info to help with your journey towards quality sleep

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I would definitely recommend Dream Winks to any mum that is struggling with sleep. 

After many attempts, other consultants and going to sleep school, Catherine was the first to actually stop and look at everything holistically. She tries to work with you to find what is going on with your baby to see what could be affecting their sleep and causing wakes. She then gives you her suggestions and puts an age appropriate plan together for you. She is there for support along the way and really wants to help you get the sleep you deserve. 

She is genuinely wanting to help families and their babies sleep. I have appreciated her holistic approach, advice and support. Wish I found her first time. Thanks

– Angela

 Before we chat I want to tell you a bit about myself.

The work that I do is my absolute passion for me.

I do this because of the challenges I went through with all three of my children.

My first took me 8 years to fully work out the exact issues affecting his sleep. He was unfortunately my work in progress for a long time. We achieved quantity when he was younger but I fought for many years and saw so many people before finally working out the issues causing his sleep quality problems.

His brother and sister each put me through a lot more in a much more concentrated period of time which felt like absolute hell. They were back to back only 17 months apart. We were all really pushed to the edge with so many feeding problems, functional issues, dietary issues, long night wakes and utter exhaustion. We were only sleeping 40 mins day and night when we could. Eventually this led to terrible post natal depression for myself. With both of them I had to fight hard to get answers and I lost count of the different professionals I saw and how many said everything was fine when I knew it wasn’t. I was so glad I kept fighting. 

Each battle was worth it to see the difference in them. They became more settled, happy, fed better and slept better as we worked out everything that was going on. The difference with sleep quality was truely amazing. And they are the reason I kept fighting for answers for my first son. 

I trusted my gut and I am so glad I did. If you feel something isn’t right then it probably isn’t.

I have now worked with sleep and feeding for over 11 years. I always believed there was more to sleep than settling and have had a big focus on WHY sleep was so challenging for each little one as a big part of my practice.

After my second child nearly 6 years ago and everything we went through it was a real turning point for me and the focus of my professional practice with a big shift to focus on the physical aspects that can affect sleep.

Over the years I have helped over 5000 families just like you to get through sleep problems and out the other side with the right way to get quality sleep.

How? By starting with asking the question WHY?

If you want to get to the real answer of your child sleep for the first time then we should chat! 

I would love to connect with you to get great quality sleep without sleep training.


– Catherine


The Sleep Blueprint Solution targets the quality of sleep, not the duration. This leads to ongoing change rather than the band aid you get with the traditional sleep model. When Quality Sleep is achieved duration follows leading to long term great quality sleep.

You can check out the process below:



There are two delivery options of the Sleep Blueprint Solution. The Sleep Blueprint Insiders in which you will get the answers to your little ones sleep issues with support provided in a group format and the Sleep Blueprint Signature Package in which you will get the answers to your little ones sleep issue with support provided in a one on one customised way

Here are the inclusions


 I would highly recommend Catherine at Dream Winks if you are having sleep issues with your baby. With her holistic approach, she has helped our 12 month old to self settle and sleep through the night from 6:30-6:15. We couldn’t believe the quick results and wished we had called her months ago. Catherine was amazing!

– Danica

Catherine has given us amazing support and guidance in getting us all a good night’s sleep. We really appreciated her consideration of all issues impacting on our son’s sleep, her thorough and detailed plan and attentive follow up support. The information about nutrition was also very helpful and we successfully started our son on solids which he loves. We went from sitting up all night with our son in shifts to a full night’s sleep almost immediately with Catherine’s guidance. We highly recommend this service to anyone having sleep issues with their little one. Thank you so much Catherine

– Bess

Catherine has been amazing with her advice and support for my twins. We have had more sleep with twins in their first year of life than we ever did with our Singleton. I am so glad we sort her advice early on with our twins. I highly recommend Catherine.

– Kylie

Catherine helped us with our son’s catnapping when he was 4 months old. Within the space of a couple of weeks he was sleeping so much better! She also identified a food sensitivity we couldn’t figure out ourselves. The service is completely holistic and done in a way that we were comfortable with. I would highly recommend DreamWinks

– Janine

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