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Are Sleep Regressions real?  A Sleep Consultant’s Insight

So much of what I hear from exhausted parents is about sleep regressions. Parents come to me and tell me that their baby is going through the dreaded four month sleep regression and can I help? If you are one of those parents who is experiencing constant night waking or persistent catnapping right at the age everyone says there is a regression then you are probably wondering what I’m on about – of course they are real! However I do not believe in sleep regressions. When people talk about regressions, they talk about them as though they are inevitable and you just have to wait them out. This is totally not the case!!

Sleep regressions are your baby showing you that things aren’t quite right; they might be hungry, or cold, becoming aware of their sleep cycles or on the wrong routine but something IS wrong and they are trying to tell you!! Crying isn’t your baby’s only form of communication – sleep issues are another if you know how to listen to them. The good thing about that is I understand that communication and I can also teach you to understand it as well. So if you feel your baby is going through a ‘regression’ the good news is we can fix it!! I can help!

I have worked with young babies and have addressed everything in their feeding, environment, sleep aids and age-appropriate routine so they are not overtired and can self-settle. These babies often show no signs when others say they should be going through a ‘regression’. Things actually go quite smoothly when they supposedly should be going through one of these dreaded ‘regressions’. Sometimes they may show a few signs but these are usually just indicating the need to tweak something with their routine or environment or that they need to start solids if it is the ‘regression’ parents talk about at 4 months.

So if you believe you are going through a ‘regression’ then rest assured that this is just your baby telling you everything isn’t quite right yet. You should know we can get your baby sleeping and settling well and you do not have to wait it out. We can look at your baby’s whole picture and make adjustments based on what your baby is telling us and get them back to being a great sleeper for you. If your baby wasn’t a great sleeper before the so-called ‘regression’ and things just get worse then there is even better news. We can also teach your baby to self-settle and re-settle and emerge from what you thought was a ‘sleep regression’. You can end up with a good sleeper. All babies are capable if we give them the right tools. I can also help give you the tools so you too can listen to your baby’s sleep issues and adjust things in the future

So is it a ‘regression’? No it is not. Listen to your baby and sleep will be yours again.