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My Story

My name is Catherine, I am Dream Winks and I talk sleep.

I am a mother of three crazy, beautiful children.

I wanted to be a mother more than anything but the journey wasn’t easy. It involved years of hormones, IVF (many which failed), surgeries and so many losses I lost count. Finally, I went on to fall pregnant with each baby naturally.

I didn’t go full term; my pregnancies ranged from 35-37 weeks.

For health reasons all three were C-sections. I had general anesthetics for all after a failed spinal with my first resulted in a horrific experience

Two of my little ones were special care babies. After what felt like forever – pumping day and night and all the ups and downs that come with special care with my first it was the last thing I wanted with my others. Luckily my 36 weeker was able to be with me but we landed back there with number three. Thankfully not for as long

My second was determined to come early which led to a month-long bedrest stay in hospital before he was born. I wasn’t sure I was going to come out without losing my mind!

I breastfed them all. I pumped constantly for the first two and had a crazy big freezer stash

This was just the beginning

Between the three of them, I have been through pretty much anything you could in regards to sleep, settling and feeding.

Allergies – with number one we had near anaphylaxis to dairy and egg resulting in three years avoidance.

Tongue Ties – number two and three were 100% tied and my third had a lip tie as well. My second wasn’t diagnosed. I was a complete mess with feeding issues, mastitis and lack of sleep. I ended up chasing someone for a diagnosis as I had already worked it out myself that he had a tongue tie- the benefits of my job – but baby haze makes it hard to see at the time.

I thought I would be on top of it with number three, but she was a Christmas baby and it was hard to find a professional. All providers are not equal though and it took some time before we had a successful tongue tie revision. There was a lot of pain and suffering. I would have to say tongue ties were the hardest thing to resolve as they impacted on every aspect of sleep settling and feeding

Reflux – number two and three both had horrible, silent reflux. My boy’s reflux was so bad that at one point I ended up on a complete elimination diet which was pretty much chicken and rice. After trying many treatments we finally found the right reflux medication. So many caused insomnia for my baby which was no fun. With my third baby, we went straight to the same medication but it didn’t work. Her reflux was caused by her tongue tie and lip tie so it didn’t resolve until they were fully revised. Never let someone tell you tongue ties don’t affect sleep!

Catnapping – they all did it!

Early Rising – my first would have to be the worst. Routine was my saviour

Night waking – this actually led to my research into diet and foods causing night wakes. Most of mine were food related

Post-natal Depression – I think I was borderline PND with number two. In fact, I don’t know how I didn’t get diagnosed with Post Natal Depression then. I fell into a big black hole with my third, pushed there through lack of sleep and horrible feeding issues. I suffered dreadfully with depression and anxiety. It lasted a long time. I do know that if I hadn’t had been able to use my knowledge to get her sleeping well that it would have been a lot worse.

So far it’s been a long tough road but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Baby sleep routine

Dream Winks Story

Dream Winks is my fourth ‘baby’ you could say! It was a long awaited dream of mine to be able to bring much-needed help for families and sleep directly to them. As they need it. Where they need it.

As you read, I am the mum of three young children. I have worked with babies and toddlers for over ten years, helping families to get the much-needed sleep they desire for both the child and the parents. I specialise in The Root Physical Causes of Sleep & Feeding Issues. I have qualifications in Nutrition as well as sleep which allow me to address all the major factors which affect sleep.

I have worked with thousands of families, which has allowed me the opportunity to learn to read and talk sleep.

I have always wanted to bring everything together and offer a holistic service to families.

Baby sleep specialist
Catnapping baby

Dream Winks Story

I feel like my families get two in one with Dream Winks as they get a nutrition consultant who can look intolerances, allergies and deficiencies and the effects of diet on sleep. Someone who can work on both the mother’s and the baby’s diet to maximise sleep and nutrition. And then they get a Sleep Quality Specialist. This is something I can offer, that others don’t. It’s definitely something I feel is needed. I also have extensive experience with tongue ties, sleep disordered breathing including mouth breathing, reflux and intolerance symptoms and more. I like to look more deeply into these areas as well as diet and environment. Everything is intertwined and if not addressed holistically, results won’t last.

My experience has also made me realise the importance of good sleep for mothers with depression and anxiety and the difference it makes for them to be able to access services in a way that suits them. Which is why I am so excited to offer Phone, Email and Messaging Support which are accessible to all. This allows me to help you regardless of where in the world you are. My advice is holistic but also science-based and I address every aspect that can affect sleep and feeding so you know that all the needs of your baby or toddler are met before we start any form of settling. I find this results in faster, more consistent and long-lasting effects.

Every Sleep Quality Package comes with a Sleep Blueprint and ongoing support both with me and in my Client only Support Group.

With Dream Winks you know you are getting the best and everything is tailored to your baby


I am certified as an Infant & Child Sleep Consultant

I am certified in Infant, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition

I have close to 10 years experience working as a Sleep Quality Specialist

I am an Executive Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Customer Review

I thought by baby number three that I had made all the mistakes with the first two, turns out, I was wrong and the lovely Catherine has taught me so much and her consult really helped our family in such a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Catherine to anyone struggling with sleep, or needing help implementing a routine for their little one.

Catherine asked me many questions to begin with, and then gave me many recommendations to help us on the journey of both better night and day sleeps, along with getting bubs into a much needed routine. Her help was invaluable and eliminated my guess work! Within a week or so of working with Catherine, her advice, techniques and routines had whipped us into shape and given us a peaceful sleeping baby and a happy family.

I must admit, at the beginning of the process, we had a very trying 1st day, I felt like I hadn’t succeeded and I wasn’t sure I’d made the right decision, but Catherine knows her stuff, she gave the the confidence, encouragement, advice and explained to me the ‘science’ of the methods and the understandings behind it, she made me feel comfortable and at ease and trust in the process. But most of all she helped me have confidence in myself and my abilities. Each day that went by, we made small steps of progress, and within just over a week, we were stoked with the outcome and how far we had come. Catherine was our saviour! 🙂

She was always on hand to answer my ‘silly’ questions and she provided me with some great reading materials, that i was able to refer back to during the journey, and are still so handy to refer to now.

Chances are, if you have taken the time to read this review, your a sleep deprived mummy or daddy, in which case, call or send Catherine and email now, you won’t regret it!