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Great Sleep Doesn’t Come From Settling

Sleep Is Physical, and so are the Causes of Issues

Achieve Great Quality Sleep for Your Whole Family by Focusing on WHY

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If you are struggling with your little ones sleep you don’t have to go it alone. You don’t need to push through with settling and you certainly don’t need to ‘wait it out’.

What you do need is constant support and a look at the whole picture to identify and address the underlying physical issues that are making sleep so challenging.

All sleep issues have a root physical cause and this is the true key to GREAT QUALITY SLEEP in the easiest way possible for your family


Our Signature Sleep Blueprint

We Focus on the Root Cause of Sleep Issues

And Empower our Clients by

Identifying, Managing & Resolving

the Actual Cause of Your Child’s Sleep Issues


All the Support You Need to see Great Sleep

Our Signature Sleep Blueprint is for you if

  • You feel traditional strategies don’t or won’t work for you and your little one

  • You are feeling unsure about how to approach sleep

  • You feel like you have tried everything

  • You know there is more going on with your little one

  • You want experienced and qualified support and advice

  • You don’t want to ‘cry it out’

  • You want to support your child emotionally & physically

How Does Our Blueprint Approach Differ from Traditional Approaches?

We focus on WHY your little one is having challenges with sleep and identify the physical causes as well as creating the best possible situation for great sleep. This targets good quality sleep rather than duration but results in both. It produces long term results whereas the traditional sleep model provides more of a bandaid as the root causes are unresolved

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Who is Our Expert Sleep Quality Specialist?

  • A mother of 3 – all of which had a lot of underlying issues with sleep

  • Trained in Infant & Toddler Sleep

  • Trained in Infant, Childhood & Adolescent Nutrition
  • Extensive Experience with Tongue Ties

  • Extensive Experience with Sleep Disordered Breathing

  • Extensive Experience with Intolerances, Allergies, Deficiencies & Reflux

  • Over 13 Years Experience with Everything Sleep & Feeding

  • Personal Experience with Special Care Life & Postnatal Depression & Anxiety

  • Specialises in Multiples

Catherine Bendeich




Catherine Bendeich




Catherine Bendeich


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